We have a get-together of volunteers every couple of months or so, to help raise funds to keep this project running. Anyone is welcome. If interested please contact us for details.

We are looking to raise substantial funds (several thousand pounds) primarily for the purchase of permanent fencing but also for the vital maintenance of equipment and other annual expenses. The raising of these funds are essential for the long term success of this project.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any suggestions for fund raising or indeed feel you would like to make a donation.

We would like to thank the Wildlife Trust for Cambridgeshire for their continued support and for securing a substantial grant from Cambridgeshire County Council. This together with a donation from English Nature ensured the building of an amphibian tunnel at one of the main crossing points. Additional funding for equipment and running costs has come from Rural Action, Cambridge City Council, Toad Innovations Ltd and concerned members of the public. The Police have loaned a number of reflective jackets. Many thanks.